This is the Waygoer home page. It isn't supposed to be pretty or anything. After all, we're pre-alpha. It isn't supposed to be a duplicate of the Project Summary page either. However, the summary is as follows:

Waygoer is a text recognition program. It uses an experimental momentum method for recognition. It's not ready for production use yet, it isn't API-stable either. If you don't understand what the previous sentence means, Waygoer probably isn't for you just yet.

The Project Summary page for Waygoer incorrectly states that there is no CVS activity on the project, and the commits/adds are 0/0. That isn't quite true. The ViewCVS view also shows a null repo. I contacted the team and this is the responce I got. That's one of the things this page tries to fix. There IS some activity, and you can browse a checked-out copy of the repository here (though you won't see the beautiful diffs, etc).

If you are a member of team and you think that such checkouts are unlawful, contact me. I'd like to point out that one thing is missing from your definition of open source is: when something is broken, you can fix it yourself.

P.S. If you want to contact me, use my direct email address instead of the address. For some reason, no mail to ever made it to me (not even a bounce). My direct email address can be found in any source module in Waygoer in the copyright section.